Hyper Plan versions

We are continually releasing new and improved versions of Hyper Plan. To find out which version you currently have installed:

  • on Windows: select Help>About...
  • on Mac: select Hyper Plan>About Hyper Plan

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Click on a link for more details or to download the release:

Hyper Plan v2.6.0

Hyper Plan v2.5.3

Hyper Plan v2.5.2

Hyper Plan v2.5.0

Hyper Plan v2.4.1

Hyper Plan v2.4.0

Hyper Plan v2.3.0

Hyper Plan v2.2.1

Hyper Plan v2.2.0

Hyper Plan v2.1.1

Hyper Plan v2.1.0

Hyper Plan v2.0.2

Hyper Plan v2.0.1

Hyper Plan v1.6.1

Hyper Plan v1.5.1


If you purchased Hyper Plan version 1 on or after 10-Dec-2015, you should have received a free upgrade to v2. If not, please contact us.

If you purchased Hyper Plan version 1 before 10-Dec-2015 you will need to purchase an upgrade to get a v2 license. You can do a free trial for 7 days before purchasing.

It is always a good idea to make copies of your important plan (.hp) files before installing a new version.