A Quick Tour Of Hyper Plan

Find out how Hyper Plan can help you with your planning, scheduling and tracking

add propertyAdd as many properties as you need for your plan, e.g.: Name, Status, Start date, Person assigned to, Due date, Priority, Department, Budget. Whatever properties are important to you. Properties can be of type: Text, Number or Date.

add cardsAdd cards to represent items in your plan, e.g. tasks that you need to perform or jobs that you are tracking. Set the property values of each card appropriately.

Layout cardsLayout cards in rows and columns by any property, e.g. 'Urgency' vs 'Person assigned to' or 'Due date' vs 'Department'.

TimelineUse Date properties to display a timeline in days, weeks, months or years.

Color codeColor cards by any property, e.g. show 'Priority'='High' in red.

Drag and dropChange card properties by drag and drop, e.g. drag a card from the 'Status'='Doing' column to the 'Status'='Done' column.

Total by row or columnShow totals for any property, e.g. total 'Budget' by 'Status' and 'Who'. The totals update in real time. Much easier than Excel pivot tables!

FilteringControl which cards are visible using simple or advanced filtering. e.g. hide all cards with 'Priority'='Low'.

Drop images on cardsDrag and drop images onto cards, e.g. customer logos or pictures of staff.

ChartsDisplay property values as charts, e.g. budget by person or cards by category.

TabularView and/or edit all the data in an alternative tabular form.

modeling dependenciesUse connections between cards to show dependencies and relationships (Professional Edition only).


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