How to create a simple timeline

Create a timeline with Hyper Plan software

How to create timeline Example timeline

Hyper Plan is simple, but powerful, card-based planning, scheduling and visualization software for Windows and Mac. It has full support for creating and displaying timelines. Let’s create a simple timeline showing the ‘space race’ from Sputnik 1 to the first humans on the moon.

Download and install the free trial for Windows or Mac if you haven’t already done so. It only takes a minute.

Start Hyper Plan. Select File>New and choose a name and location for the new plan file.

In the New Plan Properties window just leave the Title property checked and click OK.

New timeline plan

For the purposes of this example you need to use a DD-MM-YYYY date formats. Select Edit>Preferences (Windows) or HyperPlan>Preferences (Mac) and make sure the Date format is set to DD-MM-YYYY (European).

Timeline date format

You need to add a Date property for the timeline. Select Edit>Add Property, complete the window as below and click OK.

Timeline date property

Now add a Country property so you can see which events are related to which country. Select Edit>Add Property, complete the window as below and click OK.

Timeline software

Now you need to add some cards, one for each event in our timeline. Select Edit>Add Card, complete the window as below and click OK.

Create a timeline

A single card should now be visible.

Make a timeline

It’s a bit tedious typing in lots of timeline events, so lets import them from a CSV (comma separate value) file.

Timeline import CSV

Download this CSV file onto your computer. Select File>Open and choose CSV as the file type. Alternatively just drag the CSV file onto Hyper Plan. You will be prompted whether to import into the current plan. Click Current. You should now have lots more cards.

Layout timeline

Lets organize the cards into a timeline. Set the columns and rows as shown below.

Layout timeline

The timeline is currently shown in weeks. Click the button to edit the Date property and change Bin size to Months as shown below. Click OK.

Timeline generation

Now zoom in using Zoom in or the slider.

Zoom timeline

If you hover over a card you get more information.

Show timeline

Now lets color the cards by country.

Color timeline

You can also drag hyperlinks and images onto the cards, to store more information.

Timeline with hyperlinks and images

Hyper Plan is very flexible. We have only scratched the surface of what it can do. Have a play!

Credits: Space race information from Wikipedia.

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