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BTW, thank you again for this program. My Team Leader just asked me for a spreadsheet with all of my projects with status, and I was able to export my plan in CSV, open it in Excel, format the results, and send it on to him within minutes. Normally, this type of thing would take me from one hour to a half a day.

David Koppy, USA

I like Hyperplan! I've been been using it to summarise engineering projects - status vs project vs owner. I've found it far quicker, easier and more intuitive than than Excel pivot tables. Its elegance fits well with working with Agile projects too. At home, I've been using it to track progress on the work on my new extension as well.

Terry Wood, UK

I have been totally pleased with HyperPlan. But more importantly, the developer himself is outstanding. He LISTENS to his user base, actively solicits their input, and then incorporates their best ideas into the product.

gilgamensch2 on bitsdujour.com

I'm using HP for asset management, fields include asset, owner, location, value, (plus image of the asset)...feedback from the printouts (create PDFs, distribute to interested parties) has been terrific. It's much easier for non-financial people to read than Excel/Access reports.

Miles T, MBA/CPA

Hyperplan remains the most ingenious app I’ve seen in the last years. A truly original idea, very helpful in a lot of situations and beautifully crafted. Thanks for creating it!

Andreas Eschbach, France

I regularly use it for task management at home and for various coding projects that I am working on. I find it easy to use and the various ways of displaying the cards helps me think through problems and tasks in new ways. I recommend downloading the trial and loading up one of the included sample files so you can manipulate things and see how it all works.”

Carl Thorpe on bitsdujour.com

I'm building a story grid for a novel, like the grid that Joseph Heller used when writing Catch-22. Chapters are columns, characters (and other things I need to track) are rows. Each card has a description of an event, or something a character thinks, says, or does that moves the novel forward. If the progression of events doesn't make sense, I can move the cards around. I can also see whether a character is getting too much or not enough attention, or if any subplots are left hanging, or if a character's motivation is unclear, or if I'm ratcheting the tension up too quickly or too slowly. (It's a bit easier to fix the structure of a story in an outline or grid than it is to write out a full draft and try to fix things then.)

Howard Fernald, USA

First, let me start by saying that I think HyperPlan is a brilliant piece of software. As a user, I find it extremely simple to use but highly versatile for the purpose of sorting and displaying tasks. It is fantastic to be able to have a total overview, and then concentrate on what needs to be done in the near future. The ease of changing, adding and editing categories means that mistakes are easily corrected and improvements to your HyperPlan rapidly processed. An example of a very complex plan I have managed with HyperPlan was the planning for a four-day national meeting and bird show. There was 18 months of planning, contained hundreds of tasks and required the coordination of several workers. The production of lists for monthly meetings, and reports of what was required when allowed the committee to efficiently manage this event. Filters and stored views are what makes HyperPlan so useful. Filters are easily implemented and can be rapidly changed to meet a new need. Stored views allow the rapidly revisit of arrangements of your tasks that are frequently used. Thanks very much for this software.

Dr John Moverley, Australia

Hyperplan is a very structured and useful tool. It is very easy to use and configure, you are up and running in a few minutes when using the sample plans. The option of connecting cards on the Kanban board is really useful when managing programs or products. It's a great visual representation of our work. The software interface is great, the software works as you'd expect it. The support team is responsive and helpful. I really love this product.

Richard Koch, Germany

I just attached a 43 inch, 4K, TV monitor to my laptop. In the USA, these monitors have gotten cheap, $200 US. Now I can see 50-60+ cards, all at once. Now, I have an overview of all the things I need to get done at one glance - and it's relatively painless to do. As the day progresses, I check and update HyperPlan regularly. Better living through technology.

Gene Saltz, USA

I'd like to reply that HyperPlan is spectacular. I had been searching for a simple but professional program for kanban, and HyperPlan was the best product that I could find. I had looked at professional software for project management and various open source solutions, but none had the aesthetic appeal, the narrow focus, and the versatile configuration within the confines of kanban that HyperPlan did.

Curtis S., Germany

I am using it for planning my job, my cases and professional projects. I am a lawyer. I follow the principles of GTD® and use OmniFocus to organize my weekly and daily tasks, but I found that OmniFocus didn’t let me "see the big picture” when I am trying to juggle with around 20 open cases at a time. So I used a magnetic white board in my office and, with magnets and index-cards, I tried to visually organize these projects so I wouldn’t miss anything. HyperPlan lets me mimic that whiteboard, and make that organization and visualization much better. And I can take it with me, you might have guessed that I can’t take the whiteboard with me when I’m not in my office ;-)

Esteban Umerez Argaia, Spain

"Loving HyperPlan, the more I use it, the more I get from it.

Dean Layton-James, Twitter

I bought Hyperplan yesterday and have to may I am very impressed. I love it when a piece of software has the flexibility to be able to cater for pretty much any scenario, and Hyperplan definitely does that. Many moons ago, back in the 1980s, I went on a one week course to become a master of creating complex wall chart and t-card systems. I was working for a company in the City of London, and ended up designing some seriously complex visual systems that could be used by massive financial organisations in The City. The awesome thing is, that Hyperplan has allowed me to revisit those same scales, but has taken it to a whole new level. Now, if I can dream it I can build it. Great work on your part!

Paul Smithson, UK

Thank you for developing HyperPlan. It’s a great piece of software. I love the functionality and flexibility."

Hans Peucker, Netherlands

I rate the customer support and service as best in the industry. Andy Brice has responded so quickly to some of my queries that we were virtually texting by email. I have tried a dozen or more planning and project management apps, GTD apps, ToDo apps, and nothing works as well for me as HyperPlan. HyperPlan's combination of visual and text work seamlessly. There isn't a whole lot of documentation because it doesn't need much. The visual-support videos and instructions are near-perfect. I know there isn't one solution that fits everybody, but I encourage all to give it a try, and the money back guarantee plus superb customer support should make giving it a try a no-brainer.

davesofi2002 on macupdate.com

Since switching from Outlook tasks to Hyperplan my productivity has soared. My work day consists of a mix of Python coding and solving problems for users. At any one time I'll have four or five initiatives in progress with twenty or more active tasks. A lot of them require some effort by me, I'll hand it off to someone else, and then I'll need to follow up to make sure things happened. Between flipping between views and having the context of the notes field follow the task, I'm having all kinds of fun.

Carl Haddick, USA

I mainly use Hyper Plan for personal project management, when I need something more than the traditional done/not done task list. I've noticed that I'm starting to go straight to Hyper Plan instead roughing something out on paper or in a spreadsheet because it's a very forgiving piece of software. Twice recently I've put a load of info into Hyper Plan only for my initial idea about how to view that data to be incomprehensible. Instead of having to start again, I can just rearrange everything with the left pane and be looking at what I need to look at in a few seconds.

Geoff Bullock, UK

Hyperplan is a great application with awesome configuration abilities but still easy to use.

Jerry Stock, USA

I love this application. It’s useful (not just a graphic design toy), has a good balance between features and ease-of-use, and demonstrates a lot of user sensitivity in the design of features and layouts. Well done!

Barry Kaplan, Canada

I have really liked your hyperplan software. Its simplicity, flexibilty and graphical interface makes it really useful for my tasks.

Alastair MacGibbon, New Zealand

I like Hyper Plan very much. I use it to prompt me for tasks associated with my husband's real estate business. When he obtains a new listing, I use Hyper Plan to remind me to do all the things necessary (order For Sale sign, send postcard, order brochures, etc).

Elizabeth Morrow Wery, USA

I purchased Hyper Plan a week or so ago and love it. I had been scouring the web for a piece of software that would work well for Project Planning (on a small scale – I am a 1 person company), and even the most popular software fell short. I looked into well over 100 apps and yours does just what I want and much more.

Jeff Rinear, USA

Just installed the version of Hyper Plan that I bought weeks ago. After only using it for a few days I'm wondering how I would ever get along without it! Great product, and I'm going to find many uses for it in my professional and personal life.

Patrick Gaul, USA

In our work we use Lean to maximize customer value and minimize waste and HyperPlan plays an important role keeping the entire team synchronized and on tracks. It’s impressive how a simple and easy program like HyperPlan can be so important and powerful for us.

Rodrigo Campos, Portugal

Great product for Kanban style agile project management. Can be used nicely in an overhead. Very good tool!

JorgeR6679 on macupdate.com

Very cool tool. It's like kanban on any data field. The developer seems very receptive to feedback as well.

bumper314 on macupdate.com

I have started using Hyperplan and find it very useful, especially the ability to turn a PERT chart into a Kanban board.

Douglas Walters, User-EA Limited

I’ve already been working with the beta Pro on some of my files. I can do virtually any layout with it. Also many multi semi-intelligent sorted views on complex files using stored views & elaborate filter conditions. It can be very powerful in the right hands when going through complex multi stored views on a file’s cards, varying card orders, connections, which cards or fields to show for each view, multi layouts, multi color allocations, multi connections etc. for each view. It’s full potential is yet untapped. Not to mention propagating values which is not exactly even a basic Neural Network architectures (one of the areas of my academic research) feature but very impressive feature for a virtual board. I rarely recommend anything but this Pro version is really indispensable for outlining maniacs, and those who need the best tools for brainstorming and planning complex work in areas of: creative, scientific, authorship, organisational, projects etc. ... This is a must buy for outlining fanatics or people needing the best tools for thinking up and creating complex works. Congratulations to Andy and his team.

washere on outlinersoftware.com

Very useful tools to toss around schedules of activities and resources. The various ways of looking (one click only, to vary the arrangement) at the data, will give your better insight to improve or find bottlenecks

Ripperjd on macupdate.com

I am still learning to use it and have been recommending it to other admin type customers as I think it is excellent.

Jill Heal, UK

Why Hyper Plan? Mostly because it looked pretty straight forward to use and, importantly for me, allows users to (i) define their own task properties; and (ii) export tasks as a CSV file. I wanted at least these two features as I am working on using evidence based scheduling for legal matters, which requires comparing estimates of how tasks will take to how long they actually took. Creating work break down structures is straight forward; the ability to create named relationships allows links to be created between cards that represent planned activities and cards that record tasks actually undertaken. I like this approach because it allows top down planning/ bottom up recording. It also make it easier to identify unplanned tasks — activities that comprise wasted time (like reworking something) or could have been, but weren’t anticipated in advance, or arose because of changes in external factors. Hyper Plan is reasonably priced, meaning I could buy a copy to try out over a an extended period without overly worrying about the purchase decision or getting tied into a subscription. The advantage here is that even if I use it for just a few projects, the app's and the data’s are mine for ever; it’s not going to suddenly disappear because the subscription fee is no long justified. A BIG thanks for sticking with the buy once model.

David Roper, UK

HyperPlan (version 2) is a really great product. It does just what it says, and the configuration options are amazing. It is a Kanban board on steroids. Once you get the hang of the interface and the layout, you'll find yourself making some very elaborate plans. The flexibility in setting up your board and the reports and charts is great. The only knock would be that the interface is a bit different from simpler kanban alternatives. But that is the price of flexibility! If you like to be organized, or have a project/event to manage, this is a great alternative!!!

Phantomtbird on macupdate.com

I run Hyper Plan on a laptop and a workstation. The same file is open on both. I keep most of my files on Dropbox and Hyper Plan manages this in super style. When I switch platform HP displays an info box stating that sync is in progress and updates the file with an animation – this is stellar UX.

Hans Christian Asmussen, Denmark

I continue to find Hyper Plan to be an elegant solution to the problem of organizing hundreds of disparate items, with an eye to examination from multiple vantage points and actually getting somewhere!

John A.

I love your software. It has made such a difference in my work and personal life. It is such an easy way to keep track of all the projects that cross my desk everyday. At home, it helps us with all the renovation projects for our house that was built in 1874. I can have everything that I need right at my fingertips. With all the sorting and filtering options, I am able to access the information that I need when I need it.

Tom Lewis, USA

Man, i can see the power of this tool now! ALL the other softwares that can do anything remotely like timelines are basically just 'static drawing boards with some show/hide filtering at best' that is, including ALL mind-map / flowchart / diagram / kanban / sticky note / gantt chart / tasklist etc. software. But with YOUR software I can just focus on the DATA i.e. the FIELDS populating (which is the easiest of all!). And then just have a master view of the whole timeline organized, while at the same time also being able to create many smaller focused-in segmented views in as many parallels & combinations as I can make fields of! And then even be surprised by what 'new arrangements' can emerge out by all of that and that, without having to re-draw or move anything or really to do anything! But it's like having 1000 timeline-views input in by many fields and instantly be able to visualize out parallels and play re-arrangements on the SAME DATA over and over again, in many useful ways. While at the same time always being able at any time to get back to the organized view of seeing the big overview. Thank you so much for this software. I shall surely use it well.

ML, Switzerland

HyperPlan is an excellent application, well supported by a terrific developer. It continues to gain new and powerful features. It is a great tool for all sorts of planning.

szeoli-1 on macupdate.com

I'm a visual thinker and the capacity of your software to help me see my data in many different ways is fantastic.

Glen, Australia

Ultimately, HyperPlan is fun to use. It’s joyful to see cards whizz around the screen as the pivot parameters are changed. It provides a great visual insight into the dataset in use. I love it. I recommend it.

Andrew Canion on canion.me/hyperplan

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