Flexible Planning and Scheduling Software for Windows & Mac

Visualize your plans your way

Hyper Plan combines the simplicity of sticking colored notes to the wall with the flexibility of software.

Automatic card layoutLayout cards in rows and columns by any pair of properties. Switch 'views' with a mouse click.

Plan with cardsRepresent card properties using your choice of colors, symbols and text.

Total by row and columnShow totals for any property. Much easier than Excel pivot tables!

Powerful filteringControl which cards are visible using simple or advanced filtering.

ChartsDisplay bar charts with a mouse click.

Unlimited propertiesAdd unlimited properties to your plan.

Tabular dataView and edit all the data in a compact tabular form.

Draw connectionUse connections to show dependencies and relationships.

Automatically layout by connectionsLayout cards automatically by connectivity.

Explore connectionsExplore connections interactively.

(Connections are only available in the Professional Edition)



Plan your work and life in an easy to understand form. See at a glance what needs doing next.



If you have ever planned something by sticking notes to a wall, you pretty much know how to use Hyper Plan already.



A large part of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing. Make the most of this built-in hardware.



Choose whatever properties you wish to visualize. Change between different views of your plan with a mouse click.



Categorize items however you want. Color and group by category. Display a timeline. Show totals and charts.



You are no longer limited by the size of your wall or the sticky notes you have available. Handle thousands of cards.



No need to entrust your valuable data to a third party.



Works well in a multi-user, multi-computer, networked environment.



Doesn't require an Internet connection or a server.

Hyper Plan is suitable for a wide range of planning, scheduling and tracking tasks, including:

agile planning production planning resource scheduling
project management event planning screen/novel writing
sales pipeline tracking visual todo list timetabling
scheduling storyboarding marketing plans

It is ideal for creating many types of diagram and chart including:

Kanban board T-card chart PERT chart
affinity diagram organization chart interrelationship diagram
swim lane diagram work breakdown structure SWOT table
risk assessment matrix timeline pivot table

Available for:

Microsoft Windows
10 / 8 / 7

Apple Mac
10.14 to 10.12

From only $40 / £25 / €33 (one-time fee)

No-risk 60 day money back guarantee

"Hyperplan remains the most ingenious app I’ve seen in the last years. A truly original idea, very helpful in a lot of situations and beautifully crafted. Thanks for creating it!"

Andreas Eschbach, France

“In our work we use Lean to maximize customer value and minimize waste and HyperPlan plays an important role keeping the entire team synchronized and on tracks. It’s impressive how a simple and easy program like HyperPlan can be so important and powerful for us."

Rodrigo Campos, Portugal

"I purchased Hyper Plan a week or so ago and love it. I had been scouring the web for a piece of software that would work well for Project Planning (on a small scale – I am a 1 person company), and even the most popular software fell short. I looked into well over 100 apps and yours does just what I want and much more."

Jeff Rinear, USA

"After only using it for a few days I'm wondering how I would ever get along without it! Great product, and I'm going to find many uses for it in my professional and personal life."

Patrick Gaul, USA

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