How to present your plan

Making a presentation with Hyper Plan

Hyper Plan’s intuitive and highly visual approach to planning makes it an excellent tool for both planning and presentation. Here are some tips to help you ace your presentation.

Depending on the number of people, you can use a large monitor or projector to display your plan. Consider using a dark background in Hyper Plan if you are in a well lit room (the Windows version of Hyper Plan also has a dark UI theme you can set in the Preferences window). Note that you can run Hyper Plan portably from a USB memory key.

Typically you will want to display the Cards pane, in full screen mode and with the left pane hidden. If you have lots of cards, you may need to zoom in to make the card text legible. We recommend you set Card font size to Intelligent so the font stays a sensible size as you zoom in and Header type to Floating so you can see the row and column headers for context. If you aren’t editing the plan you can turn off View>Icon Overlay.

Intelligent text scaling

Floating headers

Alternatively you can stay zoomed back and use Magnify to magnify individual cards.


Or hover over a card to show a tooltip window (you can turn this off using View>Card Tool Tips).

Tool tip window

Resist the temptation to show too many properties on a card. Note that you can convey some information with colored symbols.

Visualization shapes

Use filtering to hide any cards, rows or columns you don’t want to display.


If you are displaying cards in sequence, you can use Ctrl+Left arrow/Ctrl+Right arrow (Cmd+Left arrow/Cmd+Right arrow on Mac) to quickly move the selection from one card to the next

You can convey information using the colors of cards, e.g. the priority of different tasks. You can include a color legend to make this clearer by setting Color legend. But don’t use colors that are too saturated, as this can be hard on the eyes. Also a significant minority of people have defective color vision, so don’t rely on color alone.

Color legend

Access card hyperlinks directly by right-clicking on the card.

Access hyperlinks

Switch between different stored views to present different aspects of your plan, e.g. task allocation per person vs a timeline. You can use different color backgrounds as visual cues for the different views. Don’t switch views too often, as it can be disorientating.

Stored views

Consider using the Charts tab if you are talking numbers (e.g. the number of tasks per person).

Charts pane

The Table pane can also be useful for getting a high level overview. You can use color here as well.

Table pane

You can print handouts from Hyper Plan and/or export a PDF for emailing.

It is also possible to export your plan to SVG format and make an animated presentation using the free Sozi software.

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