Hyper Plan v2.9.0 For Windows and Mac

This release adds improvements and bug fixes to v2.8.6. The download links are at the bottom of the page.

We recommend that you back-up important plan files before installing any new release. Please let us know of any problems or issues you encounter with the release.

Home and Professional Editions

Windows and Mac

1. There is a new Notes pane. You can use this to record general information about your plan.

Hyper Plan notes pane

2. You can now set the values of a text property to be automatically sorted alphabetically. Previously you had a click Sort Alphabetically each time you added a new value. Properties are not automatically alphabetically sorted by default.

Alphabetic ordering

3. You can now right-click on the column header of the Table pane to access a context menu.

Right click table

4. You can now right-click on the row header of the Properties pane to access a context menu.

Right click properties

5. Each property now has associated an associated Notes field.

Property notes

6. There is now a Browse (Windows)/Choose (Mac) button in the Add Hyperlink and Edit Hyperlink windows, so you can more easily link to local files.

Browse file location

7. You can now display a prefix before (e.g. “$” or “£”) and/or a suffix after (e.g. “€”, days” or “Kg”) numeric property values, when displayed in cards and when totaled. The prefix and suffix are set in the Add Property and Edit Property windows.

Property prefix

Property prefix

Property prefix

8. You can now choose Quarterly as the bin size for date properties.

9. The Date format in the Preferences window previously always defaulted to DD-MM-YYYY. It now defaults to MM-DD-YYYY if your computer’s system locale is set to the USA and DD-MM-YYYY elsewhere.

10. The Connections column in the Table pane and the Connections tab in the Card Properties window are now only visible in the Professional edition of Hyper Plan.

11. Previously it was difficult to change the case of a property value in the Add Card and Edit Card windows (e.g. from “YES” to “yes”), due to auto-completion. This has been fixed by making the auto-completion case-sensitive.

12. Double-clicking on the header of a text property in the Cards window now opens the appropriate Edit Property window. Previously it created a new card.

12. The default for Cards>Appearance>Card spacing has been increased from 0 to 10. Increasing card spacing helps to make connections more legible in the Professional edition.

13. Totals in the Cards pane are now not shown using exponents, unless they are more than 10 digits long.

14. Hyper Plan now warns you if any date values in your plan are not compatible with the date format currently set in the Preferences window. This is checked when you open a plan and when you change the date format in the Preferences window. You can disable the warning.

Date format error

15. The Set cell color by drop-down in the Appearance section of the Table pane was not correctly updated when the property order was changed. This is now fixed.

16. An issue related to the use of relative dates (e.g. “+7”) in default values is now fixed.

17. Previously Hyper Plan would crash if you imported a .csv file via the command line and then selected to import it into the Current plan. This is now fixed (it automatically creates a new plan).

18. You can now preserve card column (row) during dragging by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging to the same column (row) in a different row (column). In v2.7.0 this was done with the Shift key. But this feature was broken by using the Shift key to add connections in v2.8.6.

19. A more informative error message is now shown if you try to open an empty (0 size) plan file.

20. Hyper Plan was previously slow at calculating bins for numeric properties with very large ranges. This is now fixed.

21. We have added some more example plans.

Mac only

22. The View>Show Tab Bar and View>Show All Tabs menu items are no longer visible in macOS 10.13 and later (we don’t support main window tabs).

Professional Edition only

Windows and Mac

23. You can now layout by connectivity in one direction and a property in the other. This allows you to easily partition the connectivity by status, team, priority or any other property for easier comprehension. For example to create a ‘swimlane’ diagram with a sequence of tasks partitioned by role. Hyper Plan can automatically layout 1000s of cards by connectivity and property. This was very challenging to get right!

Swimlane process diagram

Partitioned graph animation

24. Arrow routing has been improved to reduce the number of arrows crossing cards when the Cards pane is laid out by a connection type.

Line routing

25. The speed with which cards are automatically laid out by connectivity has been improved.

26. We have made some improvements to the aesthetics of how arrows join boxes.

27. Previously it was hard to see when faded connections were selected. Connections are now unfaded when selected.

28. Previously you could drag cards in the Cards pane at the same time as adding connections. This is now fixed.


Many thanks to Robert S., Mile U., DeAnna H., Danny L., Geoff E., Richard P., Richard S., Rodrigo C., Dudley S., Lukas T., David K., Peter, Ziad Y. and everyone else that suggested improvements and bug fixes which we implemented in this release.


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