T-Card Software

Why you should use T-Card software instead of a T-Card board

T-Cards are a simple, visual and intuitive system to track tasks, for example in production planning or employee scheduling. Task details are written on colored T-Cards and placed in slots on a T-Card board. The cards are then moved from column to column on the board to show changes of schedule or status.

The idea behind T-Card boards is beautiful in its simplicity. But using physical boards and cards does result in various physical limitations. You can avoid these limitations using T-Card planning software. Advantages include:

  • No limit to the size of the board or the number of T-Cards.
  • No limit to the amount of information recorded on a T-Card.
  • Millions of possible card colors.
  • The plan is visible to anyone that can access your network.
  • Any number of boards.
  • No need to get up from your computer to make a change!

T-Card software

Our Hyper Plan software also allows you do lots of things that simply aren't practical with physical cards and boards, including:

  • Change the properties represented by rows and columns e.g. from status vs customer to priority vs assigned employee.
  • Use filters to hide cards you aren't currently interested in.
  • Total numerical properties by row and column.

All with a mouse click! Best of all, Hyper Plan is cheaper than a physical T-card board. You can try it free now.



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