Hyper Plan Newsletter 25 : Hyper Plan Professional Edition

Hyper Plan Professional Edition

Today Hyper Plan becomes Hyper Plan Home Edition and we launch a new product, Hyper Plan Professional Edition. Having 2 products will allow us to cater better for our ‘power users’ without overwhelming more casual users.

Hyper Plan Professional Edition supports connections between cards. This is the feature requested most by customers to date. Connections allow dependencies, sequencing, hierarchy and other types of relationships to be modeled, making Hyper Plan a lot more powerful and opening up many new application areas.

Graph layout algorithm

Graph visualization

Graph visualization

We had to learn a lot about graph theory, layout algorithms and topological sorting to get it all working! Here is a small subset of our extensive scribblings:

Graph layout algorithm

Many thanks to everyone who sent feedback on the beta releases.

For those of you who aren’t interested in connections between cards, we have also made a number of improvements to Hyper Plan Home Edition.

You can find out more and download the new release here:

Download the update

Please let us know if you spot any issues. Even just a typo.

Upgrading to Professional

The cost of Hyper Plan v2 Professional Edition is $80/£50/€66. But if you already have a Hyper Plan v2 license you can upgrade by paying the price difference of $40/£25/€33. Better still we are offering 25% off the upgrade price for the next 7 days.

Buy an upgrade (25% off)

To prove your eligibility for the upgrading, please copy and paste your current v2 license key into the License key to upgrade field in the shopping cart.

Upgrade key

You can get your v2 key by selecting Licensing>License… in Hyper Plan or from our new automatic key retrieval page.

Copy key

Note that you can only get the discount by clicking on the link above. The 25% off promotion finishes on 15th December.

Upgrade FAQ

I previously purchased a license and don’t need connections between cards. How does this affect me?

It doesn’t. You can just carry on using Hyper Plan as before. We haven’t removed any features. In fact we have made some improvements in v2.8.6. So you should still download the latest release.

What are the extra features in the Professional Edition?

Please see the release notes for details.

Can Professional Edition read in existing plans?


What happens if I save a Professional Edition plan and then read it into Home Edition?

You won’t see any connections. If you save over the plan in Home edition, any connections will be lost. You will be warned about this when opening the plan in v2.8.6.

Can I try Professional Edition before I buy?

Absolutely. You can change the edition to Professional in the Editions tab of the Preferences window in v2.8.6. The new features will then appear. However that will put you into trial mode if you have previously done a trial (no saving, printing or exporting). If you want to try the Professional Edition without these restrictions, then you should install v2.8.5. v2.8.5 will stop working on the 25th December.

Does your 60 day money back guarantee also cover upgrades?

Yes, so there is no risk involved in upgrading.

I have multiple licenses or an organizational license. How do I upgrade?

Email us for details.

I only have a v1 license. Can I still upgrade to Professional Edition?

Yes. But you have to upgrade from v1 to v2 Home Edition first.

I don’t have a Hyper Plan license. Can I still get a discount on buying a Professional Edition license?

Yes. You can get a discount on new Professional Edition licenses for the next 7 days only. You can also buy discounted Professional Edition licenses for colleagues. After that you will have to purchase at the standard price from our Buy page.

If I upgrade to v2 Professional Edition, what happens when v3 is released?

If we release v3 within 90 days of you upgrading to v2 Professional Edition, you will get a free upgrade to v3. If we release it more than 90 days after you upgrade to v2 Professional Edition, you will get a 60% discount. Upgrading is optional, you can continue to use v2 indefinitely.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd