Hyper Plan Newsletter 30

v2.9.3, v3 survey

Hyper Plan v2.9.3 released

Hyper Plan v2.9.3 is now available for Windows and Mac. This release adds a number of improvements to Hyper Plan v2.9.2, including:

Find out more and download the new release from the release page:

Download the update

This is a free upgrade for everyone with a v2 license.

Thanks to everyone who sent us bug reports and suggestions for improvements. Please let us know if you have any problems with the new release.

Hyper Plan v3 survey

We have put out no less than 25 public releases of v2 since March 2016, with loads of new features and improvements (see the news page for details).

We are now preparing to start on Hyper Plan v3. We have got lots of ideas for further improvements, many of which have come from customer feedback. There are some things we are definitely going to add to v3 and some things we definitely aren’t going to add. But there are quite a few features we haven’t decided on yet. So please help us decide which features to add by taking our survey. The number of responses will also allow us to gauge the level of interest in a new major release.

Hyper Plan v3 survey

There are 26 suggested features. Please rate each one on a scale of 0 (not interested) to 5 (very interested). There are also 4 extra questions at the end. All the questions are optional. Just leave any questions you aren’t sure about.

We don’t have the time or resources to implement every feature. So please don’t rate everything as a 5, as that won’t help us prioritize features! The survey closes at the end of Sunday 6th May.

Take the survey

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd