Hyper Plan Newsletter 26 : Mac crash, shortcuts, discounts and key retrieval

Mac crash issue

There was an issue with Hyper Plan v2.8.6 crashing on start-up on macOS 10.11 or earlier. We have now fixed this issue. So if you had any problems, please download and install the release again. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thanks to Adrian W. and Jeff L. for reporting this.


You can do things a lot faster in the Cards pane if you use these shortcuts:

  • Alt-click anywhere to add a card.
  • Double-click away from existing cards to add a card, and on an existing card to edit it.
  • Shift-click on a card to add a connection from that card.
  • When adding a connection, click the connection end away from existing cards to add the connection to a new card.
  • When zoomed in, hold down the Spacebar to pan up/down/left/right by dragging.
  • If you check View>Icon Overlay you can edit a card, delete a card or start a connection with a single click.

Most of the menu/toolbar commands also have keyboard shortcuts.

25% upgrade discount ends soon

The 25% discount on upgrades to Hyper Plan Professional edition expires last thing on Friday 15th December. After that you will have to pay the standard upgrade fee of $40/£25/€33. To get the discount click this button:

Buy an upgrade (25% off)

There is also a discount on new licenses for those who don't already have a v2 license. This discount also ends on Friday.

To find out more about Hyper Plan Professional edition and upgrading, please see the previous newsletter.

Online license key retrieval

If you lose your Hyper Plan license key you can now retrieve it from our website, rather than emailing us and waiting for a reply. Just enter your email address and your license key(s) will be emailed straight to you.

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd