Hyper Plan Newsletter 31

v2.9.4, Application areas, Akin's Law, And finally...

Hyper Plan v2.9.4 released

Hyper Plan v2.9.4 is now available for Windows and Mac. This release adds a number of improvements to Hyper Plan v2.9.3.

Find out more and download the new release from the release page:

Download the update

This is a free upgrade for everyone with a v2 license.

Thanks to everyone who sent us bug reports and suggestions for improvements. Please let us know if you have any problems with the new release.

Application areas

Hyper Plan was designed to be flexible enough for use in lots of different ways. We have written articles highlighting some of the possible application areas:

Akin’s Law

If you are using Hyper Plan to create a work breakdown structure, remember:

“It’s called a ‘Work Breakdown Structure’ because the Work remaining will grow until you have a Breakdown, unless you enforce some Structure on it.” from Akin’s Laws of Spacecraft Design

And finally…

Customer George R. recently spotted this wall of post-it notes on an Australian TV program called “The Facebook Dilemma”. Do they use a ladder or binoculars to read the top row?

Wall of post-its notes

Andy Brice
Oryx Digital Ltd